Contact Information

Contact Us

Sutton St James Pre-School
Bell Avenue, Sutton, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK11 0EE
Telephone: 07889745466


Telephone Contacts
Please keep the following numbers handy for reference.

Emergency phone number
Available during Pre-School hours only.
Telephone:  07889745466
Mobile:            07889745466 
(Can be rung out of Pre School Hours)

Staff Members

Manager:          Mrs Rachel Reid
Deputy Assistant:   Mrs Lucy Riley
Assistant:        Mrs Helen Broadhurst
Assistant:        Mrs Kate Riseley
Assistant:        Mrs Odile Peckham
Assistant: Mrs Cathie Rance
Assistant: Mrs Zara Freestone

Support Staff: Mrs Sue Draper

Rachel Reid, Manager
For increasing number of sessions or queries regarding registration.
Telephone: 07889745466

Committee Members
Gayle Parks (Committee Chairperson)
Sheryl Edwards (Secretary)
Kirsty Ellis (Treasurer)
Nikki Gosling (Committee Member)