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Support Our Pre-school / Make a donation 

Your donations help us to continue to grow and develop our non-profit community pre-school. We are thankful for every thoughtful donation that we receive that helps us with training, growing the pre-school, making changes to aid our mission statement, supplies, helping the  
pre-school keep up with this ever changing world. 
If you would like to donate to the pre-school we would be very grateful. Below are links to values you can donate or physical products we need. Thank you for taking the time to invest into our community pre-school. 
Donate £10 
to Sutton St  
James Pre-school 
Donate £20 
to Sutton St 
James Pre-school 
so kind 
Donate £50 
to Sutton St 
James Pre-school 
Donate £100 
to Sutton St 
James Pre-school 
and continuing to support  
Donate £250 
to Sutton St 
James Pre-school 
Donate £500 
to Sutton St 
James Pre-school 

Want to Donate something physical? 

If you would like to donate something physical to help the children at pre-school, we have taken the time to create a supplies of equipment we would really love to have to enhance the pre-school. 
We would like to thank you for your very kind donation. Please leave your name and address so we can send you a thank you card. 
Thank you for taking the time to donate and for your thoughtful gesture.  
The children at Sutton St James Preschool are extremely grateful. 

 Physical Items to help the Children Grow 

Bright Coloured Weighing Scales 
Sensory Dark Den & Accessories 
XXL Outdoor Beanbag 
Waterproof PVC Tabard Apron for Children 
Jumbo Droppers with Stand 
6 large Watercolour Blocks and Palette for Kids 
Learning Resources Measuring Worms, set of 72 
Ticki T Store Rainbow Number (Pack of 14) 
Learning Resources Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set 
TickiT Silishapes Dot Number, Green (Pack of 10) 
Learning Resources Handy Scoopers 
Mimiga Games Counting Digital Scale Libra Toy Early Learning Balance Kids Enlightenment Digital Addition And Subtraction Math Scales Toys 
4 x Liquid Floor Tiles 30 cm 
Hopscotch Liquid Floor Tiles 
SCM Sequins Message Board, Two Color Sequins Covers Mermaid Beads Decoration Wall Stickers Home Decoration 
Star Infinity Mirror 
Snap-n-Learn™ Counting Sheep 
Montessori Alphabet Wooden Educational Phonetic Reading Blocks x 5 
Snap-n-Learn™ Matching Dinos 
Smart Snacks® Stack & Count Layer Cake™ 
Lakeshore: Tweezer Tongs Colour Sorting Set 
Number Pebbles Engraved Number Stones 
Feelings and Emotions Facial Expressions Stones 
Hear Myself Sound Plastic Telephone 
Touch and Match Board 
Yellow Door Sensory Stones 


Desire To Challenge and Help You Local Community Asset? 
If you have a real desire to challenge yourself and push yourself to the limits and are looking at taking on something new. 
We would be more then happy if you could consider completing a fundraising challenge on behalf of the pre-school. 
As a small community non-profit pre-school, we rely on donations and fundraising opportunities to continue to operate. 
We have had some amazing people within the community complete some fantastic fundraising challenges on behalf of the pre-school, from Macclesfield half marathons to marathons. 
We are extremely thankful for any fundraising completed on our behalf. If you have an idea and would like to get in touch to discuss, please contact our manager Lucy Riley who would be more than happy to talk your ideas through with you. 
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