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Extra Curriculum Activities 

Early childhood Education is more than just learning the alphabet, counting and recognising colours. We understand these skills are important, but we aim to focus on an all-rounded approach that gives our children the opportunity to develop other life-long skills. 

Yoga – Time to Stretch and Relax £3 per session 

Children derive enormous benefit from Yoga. Physically it enhances their strength, flexibility, coordination and body awareness. It has been proven to improve concentration and how they learn to relax. Our amazing yoga teacher Michelle creates a yoga program that is tailored especially for our pre-school children, so they get to go on a number of exciting places and adventures. Our yoga class is charged at £3 a session and is on a Tuesday morning. 

Spanish – A Whole New World  £3 per session 

Every Thursday, we have a Kidslingo come into pre-school to teach our lovely children Spanish. Kidslingo is a leading multi award-winning, CAA gold accredited kids’ language franchise. Their aim is to inspire young children from birth to 11 to love languages. The session is taught through a fun and interactive way learning through songs, games, actions and storytelling. The cost for your child to join is £3 a session. 

Gardening Club – Little Green Fingers  £3 per session 

Most children enjoy being outside and digging in the soil, getting dirty, creating things and watching things grow. We want to develop this further for our children and give them the opportunity to explore. Our gardening club will look to focus on, how we care for plants and what we need to do, learn about plants, insects, weather and how they all have an effect on our lovely world, understand about fresh food and where it comes from, enjoy a safe and pleasant place to explore and achieve some fun goals. 

Football Fitness – Little Strikes  £3 per session 

We believe that physical fitness is an important part of developing a healthy and active life. Football is an opportunity for the children to just let go on a Friday and have some fun. Incorporating it into our week encourages children to begin to naturally begin to include fitness and promote a healthy lifestyle into their lives. Our football fitness also gives children a chance to learn new skills such as coordination, balance, confidence, teamwork, memory and most importantly lots of giggles. 

Music Mondays – Rhythm and Rhyme £3 per session 

There is no better way to start the week then with rhythm, rhyme, song, dance and a whole lot of instruments. Our very own Emily boon will be taking this class and will develop a session that children will look to learn new songs with actions, have fun with instruments and their sounds, enjoy the rhythms and beats and learn to move and express themselves through music and singing. 

Cooking Club - Our Very Own Little MasterChef  £3 per session 

Our children look to bake and cook, so we thought we would take this a step further and create a cooking club. We will start to explore more about foods where they come from and how we can cook them. Allowing children at pre-school age be adventurous and creative with food will help to instill a positive and knowledgeable relationship with food. Hoping they will make more healthier choices as they grow up. We will make fun and delicious recipes, encouraging children to be adventurous and begin to enjoy baking and cooking. 
If you are interested in your child taking part in one of our extra curriculum activities. Please let a member of staff know and we will supply the appropriate paperwork to be completed. 
*Currently our activities are on hold due to the pandemic and safety as per government guidelines. 
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